Michelle Smith

Healer, Angelic Hypnotherapy & Healing

Would you like to live your ‘Best Life’ possible…?
Would you like to think and feel more positive on a daily basis…?
Would you like to know how to achieve your personal or career goals easily…?
Would you like to Smash your Targets month on month…?
Would you like your team to be at the Top of the Performance League Tables…?
Do you need to improve your Sales Performance…?
How would you like to feel more Confident…?
Did you know you can be free of Stress & Anxiety…?
Would you like to Stop Smoking….?
Do you need to Lose Weight…?
Do you have a Fear you would like to overcome…?
Would you like to improve your Sports Performance…?
Did you realise by changing your thought patterns you really can change your life…?

If YOU would like help with any of the above and would like to live a happy and abundant lifestyle then look no further… you have just found your HOW…

I am an Advanced Clinical Master Hypnotherapist, Positive Mindset Coach and Reiki Master Teacher.

I always offer options to suit your individual needs by recommending several life-changing therapy choices whether it be for your career or your personal goals.

I strongly believe that just one solution will not fit all problems or people.

I have enjoyed over 10 years experience in healing the Mind, Body & Soul and have also spent 20+ years in a Corporate Management environment. I know how motivating those sales meeting can be….or not, how much that P&L report means to your Area Manager…and all about those sexy annual budget meetings. The bottom line is “your’e only as good as your last P&L” so lets make sure you are celebrating positive outcomes month on month, year on year.

My Positive Mindset Coaching / Workshops are available on a 1:1 and group / team basis – please ask for details.

Contact me today to find out how you really can….’Think & Heal Yourself Happy!’

07584 323620