Karen Waren

Personal Development Specialist, KW Inner Strength

Karen Warren is a Personal Development Specialist and the founder of KW Inner Strength.

“I believe our personal and organisational development comes from within.  By facilitating people’s thinking, solutions can be identified and embedded more easily as they come from your skills and experience, inner values and beliefs.  I will help you to find your own solutions, not impose mine or other peoples’ views upon you.”

Karen has a range of private and public sector experience, having worked in the Banking and IT industry for 14 years, as a self-employed Stress Manager for six years and in Public Sector roles for nine years.  Roles include Project Manager, Operations Manager, Administration and Business Manager and in the NHS, Organisational Development Manager.  Karen has experience of line management in both the private and public sectors and is highly skilled and effective in the development of staff.

Karen’s focus is towards organisational strength and resilience which she believes is underpinned by the strength of your workforce.  Culture, values, staff engagement and wellbeing, effective performance management processes and honest conversations support personal and team effectiveness which in turn, will support the strength and resilience of your organisation.  Karen is an experienced workplace Coach and can help people to build their confidence, manage their stress and anxiety, build their resilience, communicate assertively and manage their relationships effectively.

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